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David Wilhelm speaks to group

David Wilhelm going through the 10 Ways of Winning Elections

Rainbow/PUSH 34th Annual Conference

Some of the audience in the large church hall. Notice the (SEIU) purple.

Rainbow/PUSH 34th Annual Conference

Singers preceed the speakers.

Democratic Meetup of Niles Township Buys First Benefits Manual for VVAW—You Can Help, Too!

Democratic Meetup of Niles Township Buys First Benefits Manual for VVAW—You Can Help, Too!

In response to an eloquent, educational, and impassioned presentation by Ray Parrish, GI Counselor for the VVAW, members of The Democratic Meetup of Niles Township spontaneously passed the hat at the May 26th meetup and collected $195 for the VVAW to purchase its first veterans benefits manual.

You read that last sentence right: the FIRST manual. We were incredulous when we heard that the VVAW, which offers critical assistance to veterans in their quest for their rightful benefits, doesn’t even have one benefits manual with which to train and educate counselors. The manual, which costs $225, is an indispensable guide for advocates to help veterans and their families obtain benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

DNC Meetup of Chicago (Wicker Park) for June

Saher and Asim discussed being Muslim-American both from personal experience and research. Mike (on the far left) was a new member.

DNC Meetup of Chicago (Wicker Park) for June

Alderman Manny Flores joins the Meetup group in June at Nick's Beer Garden.

Ibrahim Parlak's Constitutional Rights Are Restored in Judge's Ruling -- He's Home

EVANSTON, IL , Monday, June 6, 05

Michigan Restaurant Owner Ibrahim Parlak, the Kurdish immigrant, who after receiving political asylum by the U.S. government 16 years ago and living the American Dream prior to his arrest and imprisonment in July 04, is now back home.

You may recall this high profile case that horrified many of us and resulted in the Democratic Volunteer Media Corps. writing countless letters to government officials and letters to the editors of various media outlets, in order to express our shock that this man, who for past activities supporting Kurdish human rights, was now being labeled a potential Homeland Security threat. Anyone familiar with Kurdish history understands the struggle for existance that the Kurds have faced around the world. As an ethnic group, they have been a much discriminated minority group of people, whether in Turkey, Iraq, wherever. So, although Ibrahim had come to the U.S., to escape all of that craziness and was granted political asylum by us, and the fact that the Turkish government clearly stated, they didn’t have a case against him and did not want him back, our government, following the 9/11 event, refused to give up. He was labeled a threat and off to prison he was sent without bail.

Images from the Niles Township Meetup for May (5/26/2005)

Another shot around the table.

Images from the Niles Township Meetup for May (5/26/2005)

Meetup attendees around the table at Edwardo's.

Guantánamo Bay: Through the Looking Glass with Vice President Cheney

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"When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said in a rather scornful tone, "it means just what I chose it to mean—nothing less, and nothing more."

"The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things."

—Alice Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

Approximately 540 detainees continued to be held without charge or trial at the US naval base in Guantánamo Bay on grounds of possible links to al-Qaeda or the former Taliban government of Afghanistan.

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