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Senator Dick Durbin's Words Being Wrongly Portrayed by Administration

THE HARD SCHELL REPORT, Monday, June 20,05, Evanston, IL

Illinois Senator/Minority Whip Dick Durbin has been attacked by Republicans and the media for his Tuesday, 6-14 speech on the Senate floor.

While holding up a FBI Report, he said “If I read this to you and did not tell you that it was an FBI agent describing what Americans had done to prisoners in their control, you would most certainly believe this must have been done by Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime-Pol Pot or others-that had no concern for human beings.”

It took 48 hours to accomplish, but by Friday, June 17, the administration had figured out how to spin Durbin’s words into an ugly lie that HE was referring to our military as -- Nazis, communists, in an unpatriotic attempt to belittle our military. Thus, on Friday, June 17, The Chicago Tribune wrote an editorial entitled, Durbin Said What?

Hard Times In Illinois

I was at a forum this evening which featured a panel, half of which was Democrat and half of which was Republican -- all from Illinois. One of the Republicans was particularly hysterical in his comments. I was kind of happy to see this because it exemplified how detached the right wing is from Mainstream Illinois. This is the faction after all that gave us Alan Keyes.

Anyway, one of his more tempered comments was about the "hard times" we had in this state and how that could be attributed to the alleged anti-business stance of Governor Blagovich. This rang a bell in my mind. I had heard virtually the same claim from some lunatic in the comments section of a local blog.

IDN Announces DemNet Day at the State Fair (Wed. 8/17)

Save this date: Wednesday, August 17. We're all taking the Yellow Bus down to Springfield for DemNet Day at the State Fair! (read more...)

Progressives to Rightwing Media: Let Our Radio Go!

How bad is the Rightwing death-grip on our Media? Our cousins in St. Louis -- a major midwestern city which consistently votes blue year-in, year-out -- is force-fed a diet of Limbaugh, Hannity & O'Reilly with no alternative progressive voices.

Talk about repesenting the community? How did things get so out of whack? We've got a 21st Century American Metropolitan area captured in an Iron Curtain of Rightwing Propaganda. It's gotten so bad that the people in and around St. Louis have taken to passing around a petition imploring radio station managers "to consider switching all or part of their programming to Progressive Talk radio". The same group that's passing around the petition is also trying to line-up potential advertisers.

DemNet Day at the State Fair (Springfield)

08/17/2005 - 12:00pm
08/17/2005 - 1:45pm

Corona Tent, Illinois State Fair Grounds, 801 Sangamon Ave., Springfield


$20 single/$30 couple/$10 Student (bus from Chicago)


Save this date: Wednesday, August 17. We're all going to Springfield for DemNet Day at the State Fair! (read more...)

IDN Logo Hold this date! We're all going down to the State Fair in Springfield as a group! We're organizing a Statewide Democratic Meetup with special guests including Alderman Joe Moore (Chicago), Mayor Tim Davlin (Springfield), Attorney General Lisa Madigan and others. Afterwards, we'll hop over to the Official Rally featuring Illinois' top Democratic Leaders. This is going to be an enjoyable, important event! RSVP to Christina Raguso at

Stem Cell Research Lobbying

Pre-lobby Rally.

Reading Liberally (Chicago)

07/10/2005 - 4:00pm

The Bitter Taste of Victory

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Gary Bauer is a former Reagan Administration official and Presidential candidate. Currently, he operates an organization with the highly inaccurate name American Values. He is very much a poster boy for the Christian Conservative / neo-conservative revolution.

You would think that a movement that has achieved everything it could desire at the ballot box and gotten all the wars and tax cuts it wants would be dancing for joy. In his current newsletter however, Mr. Bauer could not be more angry:

The U.S. military is having trouble filling its ranks right now, and the "mainstream" media can barely hide their glee. The recruitment difficulties are seen as one more piece of evidence that "Bush's war" in Iraq is illegitimate and a failure.

When Will Congress Call for an Investigation in the Downing Street Memo?

Evanston, IL , June 15, 05 --THE HARD SCHELL REPORT
OHMYGOSH...what is going on in the White House? What is happening to our country? This is almost starting to feel like a nightmare that one should just be able to shake off, but then, oOops! This is really happening, folks.

Not only do we have this disorganized and muddled war in Iraq, we've made a mess of cleaning up Afghanistan following that war, we've committed the most unthinkable abuse of prisoners being held in Abu Grabe , our Congress is making unreasonable federal budget cuts for the care of our Veterans of war in the U.S. and to our beloved National Public Radio and Public Broadcasting System--the list goes on and on.

Choral Group at Rainbow/PUSH Conference

Rev. Jackson is on the left.

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