Democratic Volunteer Media Corps (DVMC)



The DVMC grew out of the Kerry Campaign's Illinois 9th District Media Corps., whose mission was to try to correct the shameless misinformation, which the Republicans were blasting through the media. We accomplished several big media victories, but after the November 04 loss, we decided our work must continue revealing this administration's hidden agendas and misleading information. Since that time, The DVMC has grown from 238 people to over 400, in several RED states such as Georgia, Idaho, Nevada & most recently Minnesota. The following mission statement explains our purpose:

Mission Statement

All members of the DVMC take "citizen journalism" seriously. We are dedicated to writing on issues as they may or may not be reported, or as they may be misrepresented or ignored. We will always continue pointing out the Radical Right's weaknesses and instances of deception using Orwellian language. You know what I am talking about. The art of using language that means the opposite of what it says, i.e. they call their policy the "Clear Skies Initiative". We should be calling it, as it is, "The Dirty Skies Initiative". Alternatively, what does this "Compassionate Conservative" framing really mean if you look at the administration's record? We should be referring to it as "The Callous Conservatism".

"Language always comes with "framing." Every word is defined relative to a conceptual framework. Therefore, we shall always focus on fighting mind manipulation with half-truths and the use of language and imagery.

We are dedicated to reframing public debate, and to creating balance from a progressive perspective. Furthermore, we will work aggressively to examine and reveal the takeover of mainstream media by large media conglomerates that often put their own financial self-interest, before that of the public.

Our purpose is to have editorial boards, station managers and managing editors, know that we are carefully watching what is printed and broadcast.

By DVMC members uniting by the hundreds to address an issue over the course of a few days, we can gain a lot more attention and carry an impact that one or two lone letters emailed or phoned in, could ever achieve.

Using our voices together, we are stronger and shall have a much better probability of being heard!

An Invitation to Join

You do not have to be a professional writer to join DVMC, all you need to be able to do is have an OPINION!
One of the most striking changes in the media in recent years is the increasing importance of blog-based citizen journalism in creating attention for news that major media is ignoring. We all have the ability of becoming journalists without getting a job and being paid or having the proper credentials.

The new term to describe this movement is "citizen journalism" because it "suggests that everybody can be a journalist and we aren't simply at the mercy of people who write for the New York Times or the Washington Post. It is incredibly effective and easy to do! Just look at how seriously mainstream journalists now view Bloggers.

If you email, you will receive notification that you have been enrolled and will be sent a media toolkit containing:

  • emails for editors/station managers of all types of media (electronic and print)
  • emails for all legislators, state & federal
  • "How to Get Started!"
  • an article about framing issues
  • a style guide
  • how to prepare for a call-in radio/TV shows, etc.

How DVMC Works

As the volunteer director of DVMC, I issue a Media Assignment regarding a topic corresponding to what is happening in the news. All Media Corps. folks are asked to voice their opinion. Sometimes we may target a specific newspaper/station, but everyone is always free to write on their own subject and target, whichever publication they wish. Submissions do not have to be “cleared” by anyone; though sharing published pieces is encouraged.

Everyone is free to choose which assignment he or she does and nobody should ever feel guilty about not having time to take on an assignment. This is about doing as much as we can and getting out voices heard! Just do as much as you can and it will be helping our cause of promoting peace and protecting our civil liberties.

Anyone interested in joining or who has questions should contact me, Sue Schell, Volunteer Director of the Democratic Volunteer Media Corps, THE HARD SCHELL REPORT, directly at .